Steroid Solvent&Tools

Filter (13mm/25mm)

Disposable Syringe Filter for Lab Filtration


Dia 13mm/25mm Nylon Syringe Filter
Main Feature:
1.Low extractables and particle shedding
2.Handy and readily available
3.Easy to use
4.Economical and disposable
5.Available in non-sterile and sterile


1. Sample Filtration
2. Liquid Sterilized Filtration Clarification,Particle Removal Filtration
3. Gas Sterilized Filtration
4. Small volume liquids
5. Particle removal filtration
6. Sterile venting of small fermenters
7. General sterile filtration of gases and air


1) Low extractables and particle shedding
2) Handy and readily available
3) Easy to use
4) Economical and disposable
5) Available in non-sterile and sterile version

filter 3.jpg

filter 4.jpg

filter 5.jpg

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