Steroid Solvent&Tools

Brown Vial Kit (5ml&10ml)

Brown Vial Kit (5ml&10ml)


Material glass
Cap type plastic tear-band tamper proof cap and aluminum cap
Stopper rubber butyl stopper and silicon stopper, telfon rubber stopper
Capacity 2ml 3ml 4ml 5ml 6ml 7ml 8m 10ml 12ml 13ml 15ml 20ml 25ml


Specifications  Volume Neck Height Diameter Color
2ml 20mm 32mm 15mm clear/amber/frosted/customize
3ml 20mm 35mm 16mm
4ml 20mm 45mm 16mm
5ml 20mm 34mm 22mm
6ml 20mm 38mm 22mm
7ml 20mm 39.7mm 22mm
8ml 20mm 45mm 22mm
10ml 20mm 50mm 22mm
12ml 20mm 55mm 22mm
15ml 20mm 66mm 22mm
20ml 20mm 82.5mm 22mm
25ml 20mm 80mm 24mm
30ml 20mm 73.5mm 27mm
Printing Label printing and screen printing according to customer’s



Brown 1.jpg

brown 2

brown 3








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