Mixed Steroid Oil

Tri Test 300

Super Bodybuilding Injectable Anabolic Steroid Tri Test 300


Tri-test 300 is an androgenic/anabolic steroid mix. A perfect blend of Fast, Medium acting and Long acting. It is developed as a superior substitute to Sustanon 250.
Using Tri-Test will provide you with a large increase in muscle mass as well as an increase in strength and we can assure anybody looking at this product

Tri Test 300mg each ml contains:
100mg Testosterone Decanoate;
50mg Testosterone Isocaproate;
100mg Testosterone Phenylpropionate;
50mg Testosterone Propionate.


1. All steroid powders, oil and solvents used to make steroid injections are USP/BP standard .
2. We only offer semi-finished steroid injections. You just need to buy some syringe filters
To filter it before injection. Heating semi-finished steroid injections to 20º C will make
Filtering smoother.


Tri Test 300 Dosage: 600mg – 1200mg per week.

Tri Test 300 2

You shoud know:

Do I need to filter it?
Yes,you need by filter machine or NYLONM(PESM)
It comes with 10ml vials?
No, it is discreet packaged to arrive your hands.
Can you send me sample?
Sorry,free sample of oil solution is not available.The min order is 50ml.


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